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Gardening Tools
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  • Longer sprayer head & bigger pump tube
  • Comfort and big trigger and lock button for easy use
  • Pressure release valve to protect the tank 



• 360º heat treated carbon steel swivel blade
• Teflon coating for easier cutting, rust resistant effect
• Quick release safety lock

  • High quality carbon steel
  • High quality fiberglass handle with non-slipped grip
  • Use to remove stones & thin concrete
  • Also use to break hard soil and gravel

For gardening, digging and weeding

  • 3.5 mm sk5 hard chromed blade
  • 0.3 mm sk4 antitrust cutting blade
  • Black nylon, 30% fiberglass handle, switch
  • PVC chopping block
  • Built in locking mechanism for additional safety
  • The fully assembled HT 3.420 1/2" hose trolley kit is perfect for watering medium-sized to large areas and gardens. It is easy to store and requires minimum space thanks to the innovative folding function. Features: Height-adjustable handle, 20 m 1/2" PrimoFlex® hose, Spritze Plus (2.645-177.0) nozzle, 3x hose connectors, 1x hose connector with Aqua Stop, G3/4 tap adaptor and G1/2 reducer. Capacity: 40 m 1/2" hose or 30 m 5/8" hose or 20 m 3/4" hose. Nothing else stands in the way of garden care.
  • The CR 3.110 compact hose reel is the perfect watering solution for balconies, roof terraces and small gardens. The reliable anti-drip system and practical accessory storage take watering to a whole new level of convenience. The two built-in Aqua Stop connectors not only make it easy to uncouple the hose but also prevent splashing when doing so. Thanks to the intelligent storage concept for accessories and hose ends, water marks on carpeting or parquet flooring are a thing of the past. The CR 3.110 hose reel can also be fitted to domestic water taps using the convenient tap adaptor for in-house fittings. What's more, the indoor hose reel can be used as a supply hose for K 2 devices and many others.


  • The Premium CR 7.220 automatic hose reel is compact and enables hoses to be unreeled and reeled up again without getting tied in knots. The hose retraction mechanism works automatically and is smooth and steady. The automatic hose reel also features an integrated hose brake that ensures the hose is retracted in a controlled manner. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the flat wall bracket, the hose reel can be mounted without taking up much space. Furthermore, the swivel range from 0° to 180° can be custom set using a practical angled fixture to provide effective protection for objects and walls.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • With a wall bracket
  • Come complete with 20m hose and fitting
  • Safety pressure release valve, adjustable spray pattern mist to stream
  • Large funnel shape filter opening
  • Easy to use larger on/off trigger
  • Metal pump lever & high performance pump
  • Brass lance & brass nozzle
  • Drop-Forged steel head
  • Wooden and PVC handle
  • For digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials
  • Used extensively in agriculture, construction, and gardening
  • With hose guider for prevent hose kinking
  • Adjustable aluminum handle
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Come complete with 20m hose and fitting
  • Converts from trimmer to wheeled-edger or mini-mower in seconds
  • Adjustable handle for maximum comfort and control
  • Telescopic shaft adjusts to user's height and posture
  • 100% Automatic single-line feed
  • Lithium-Ion battery: Long life, No self-discharge or memory effect
  • 3-in-1: Trimmer, edger and mini-mower
  • Fully adjustable telescopic shaft adjust to the user’s height by a pull of a trigger
  • 90° Tilting shaft and adjustable auxiliary handle for improved control
  • 3 cutting speed settings suits various cutting conditions
  • 3-position wheel placement for edging and light mowing
  • 100% Automatic single-line feed system
  • Flower guard protects flowers, lawn ornaments and assists in edging
  • Power share: 20V MAX lithium-ion battery technology
  • Cutting diameter: 30cm
  • Line diameter: 1.65mm
  • Cutting line length: 1 x 3.0m
  • Charging time: 1hr
  • Machine weight: 2.6kg