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Mignifying Equipmentr
Mignifying Equipmentr

Mignifying Equipment

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  • Light weight.Frame is made of durable impact resistant material. The comfortable headband is fully adjustable to fit any size. Visor easily adjustable to most comfortable position.
  • Operate or read at dim or dark place. Assemble or repair small fittings. Good for work such as carving, handcraft, sewing, Q.C and repairing engineer.
  • Flexible lenses combination for higher magnification.
  • Detachable LED light device.
  • The tilt degree of LED light is adjustable.
  • Thumb screw to adjust the tilt degree of lens while wearing the magnifier.
  • The belt size can be freely adjusted conveniently according to the user's comfort.
  • ·  Lens material: glass
  • ·  Diopter: 3 diopter/12 diopter
  • ·  Light source: AC120V 60Hz / AC220-240V 50Hz T4 12W circular fluorescent lamp supplied   with electronic ballast
  • ·  Product size: Base: 18x15cm, Height: 37cm
  • ·  5 diopter (2.25X magnification) glass lens.
  • ·  Even, shadow-free light under the magnifying lens with 22-watt T5 circular fluorescent tube 
  •    will make it easier for you to see and enjoy the activities longer. 
  • ·  All metal housing mounted on a spring balanced arm that stays set in any position.
  • ·  Clamps easily and securely onto most flat surfaces up to 65mm thick.
  • ·  Dust-proof cover for lens protection.
  • Lens material: glass
  • Diopter: 5 diopter
  • Light source: 220V-240V, T5 22W energy saving compact fluorescent lamp Supplied with Electronic ballast
  • Standard mount: soft tube
  • 3 diopter (1.75X magnification) glass lens.
  • New improved clamp-on sponge design for firm contact on smooth surfaces and mounts to any bench or desktop.
  • Even, shadow-free light under the magnifying lens with 9-watt fluorescent tube will make it easier for you to see and enjoy the activities longer.
  • Spring balanced adjustable arm for easy maneuverability and positioning.
  • Easy to replace the fluorescent tubes.