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  • Capacity (HP-KW): 15-11.2
  •      Flow (l / min): 2198
  •      Use voltage (V): 380
  •      Puly first rotation speed compression (v / min): 648
  •      Cylinder head compression: 3
  •      Working pressure (kg/cm2): 8
  •      Maximum pressure (kg/cm2): 10
  •      Tank capacity (L): 304
  •      Dimensions LxWxH mode (mm): 1910x760x1420
  •      Weight (kg): 534
  •      Origin: Taiwan
  • .Puma mini oil-less air compressor is the high quality and maintenance free air compressor.
  • .With oil-less design the air compressor will supply more clean air for airbrushing to make
  • better painting result.
  • .This oil-less air compressor is suitable for airbrushing jobs like airbrush tattoo, model painting, nail art, advertising painting, car body drawing, beauty saloon etc.
  • .The good looking design and clean while operation suitable for your studio airbrushing projects.
  • .The new single body value design can increase compression efficiency and make maintenance very convenient.
  • .By adopting the most superior cast iron material, this air compressor is designed for industry use thus it is super water resistant.
  • .With the multi-blade heat dissipating fan, forced cooling, the heat dissipating system of this compressor is considered the best.
  • .Industrial two stage belt drive air compressor
  • .Special high pressure design, safety, sturdy structure for durability
  • .Suitable for use in factories, auto maintenance plant, tire stores and special high pressure  supply system
  • .Minimum space require and easy to use
  • .2HP running motor
  • .Oil-lubricated single-stage pump for long life
  • .Die cast aluminum cylinder and head, cast iron sleeve for long life and good heat dissipation
  • .Valves are specifically designed for maximum efficiency
  • .Durable alloy rods
  • .Wheels and handle for easy transport