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  • Lightweight and portable
  • .Powerful
  • .Low Vibration
  • .Durable Oregon Saw Chain (Made in USA)
  • Powerful
  • .Low Vibration
  • .Durable Oregon Saw Chain (Made in USA)
  • .Powerful
  • .Low Vibration
  • .Durable Oregon Saw Chain (Made in USA)

• 4 x bearing wheels for durable maneuver
• Large Grass catcher for high capacity grass collection
• Adjustable cutting height
• Easy cleaning and no mess.
• Delivers low noise and good tonal quality
• Float Feed Carburetor. Optimized fuel delivery for improved start-ability and superior performance
• Oiled Foam Air Cleaner. Provides protection against airborne debris entering the engine
• Splash Lubrication. Ensures adequate lubrication throughout the crankcase during normal operating conditions.
• OHV Technology. Optimized performance that delivers longer engine life and improved fuel economy
• Safety clutch system installed – so that once release engine automatically stops to prevent any injuries.
• 2 way fold-able for easy storing.
• Cutting width 18" / 460mm

  • Powerful
  • .Low Vibration
  • .Durable Oregon Saw Chain (Made in USA)
  • .Powerful
  • .Low Vibration
  • .Durable Oregon Saw Chain (Made in USA)
  • Ogawa Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayers are suitable for use by the home gardener, hobby farmer, small business and pest control operator for the application of weed and pest control products, disinfectants and cleaning solutions.
  • .These Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayers are made from high quality material for maximum durability with readily available parts for easy service.
  • .Ogawa Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer are suitable for the applications in small areas, difficult to access areas, and for spot spraying.
  • Light weight & high durability
  • Easy starting and smooth running
  • Advanced technology engine with low vibration
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to maintain
  • Cost Effective and low maintenance.
  • noise reduction.
  • powerful air stream.
  • Professional Mist Duster Turbo, suitable for large scale agricultural dusting application.
  • Turbo Version is powerful and longer range, can spray upwards and vertically.
  • Easy operation, trigger like handle for easy control.
  • Low Vibration.
  • Proven Quality and Performance.
  • Power :4.8kW/3600rpm
  • Dear Shifting: 1F1R
  • Tilling Scope/Depth:900/150-300mm
  • Transmission Oil Capacity:0.95L
  • NW:60kg
  • Versatile, powerful and durable
  • A high quality chainsaw which get your job done
  • Equipped with USA Oregon chain saw, Japan Walbro carburetor
  • Meets European emission standards EURO-II