Hitachi Bebicon Oil Flooded Air Compressors 1.5P-9.5VS5A (2hp)

Hitachi Bebicon Oil Flooded Air Compressors 1.5P-9.5VS5A (2hp)
Hitachi Bebicon Oil Flooded Air Compressors 1.5P-9.5VS5A (2hp)
Brand: Hitachi Bebicon
Product SKU: 1.5P-9.5VS5A (2hp)
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Model: 1.5P-9.5VS5A (Horizontal Pressure-switch Type)

High Cooling Head - High Cooling Head with large aluminium alloy ventilated rib improves heat radiaton and air capacity. In addition, V-groove located between discharge and suction chamber reduces the heat transfer from discharge chamber to suction chamber and improves air capacity.

Lead Air Valve - Lead Valve of I-shaped-stainless-steel-suction-air valve improves air capacity and improves durability against rusting.

Heat Cut Piston Pin & Leak Cut Piston Ring - Heat Cut Piston Pin of heat-insulating material reduces heat transfer from the piston to the needle bearing and keeps bearing in relatively low temperature and improves the reliability. Leak Cut Piston Ring of specially shaped abutment joint reduces air leakage and improves air capacity.

Bebicon Oil - Bebicon Oil is high performance oil and specially developed for Bebicon compressors. Please make sure to use Bebicon Oil to save power, to prevent performance degradation and to prevent accident.




Tank Type Horizontal

Operating System Pressure-switch type

Maximum Pressure (MPa) 0.93

Cylinder Diameter x Stroke x Number of Cylinders   

72mm x 65mm x 1

Compressor Speed (min-1) 970

Displacement (Liters/min) 257

Capacity at Maximum Pressure (Liters) 165

Air Tank Capacity 80

Power Source Single Phase

External Dimensions (W x D x H)mm 1147 x 380 x 852

Weight (kg) 102

Noise Level (dB)[A] 72



Standard Accessories


Pressure Gauge

Safety Valve

Hose Joint


Belt Cover


Stop Valve

1/4B Air Outlet x 1

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